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Axicore Video Security Software (VSS)

Meet Axicore VSS, a scalable software suite capable of processing any number of feeds from various vendors’ video cameras and sensors. Flexibly configurable, it supports user rights management and integration with a multitude of surveillance and security systems.
As a result, this solution is well-suited for a broad range of applications.

Three editions are available depending on the field and infrastructure particulars: Axicore VSS Base, Axicore VSS Pro, and Axicore VSS Enterprise.


Axicore VSS Base

Over 5,000 camera models from the largest vendors supported, perfect for home or small office applications. This edition supports up to 9 concurrent feeds.

Key features:

Mobile app
Instantly access live video feed and archive footage right from your smartphone.

Web interface
Access video feeds and archive at all times through a web browser.

Stream live feeds to your website or YouTube with a streaming service.

Axicore VSS Pro

No video feed limit per server.

Key features:

Video analytics
Analyze large data sets to tackle such tasks as the face and ID plate recognition, control zone/line overlap, movement detection, and target tracking.

Mark camera locations and get real-time notifications on the online or offline map.

Integrate Axicore VSS with security and fire alarm systems via Axicore Integration and API.

Edge recording
Sync footage from camera to the server after the disrupted connection is restored. An excellent feature for distributed systems and systems with limited bandwidth.

Axicore VSS Enterprise

Axicore VSS Enterprise is a versatile solution for distributed surveillance systems of any scale.

Key features:

Manage content layout on your videowall with Axicore VSS Video Wall.

Automatic server recovery in case of a sudden failure in the server or communication channel operation. Axicore VSS Enterprise tracks operation of all servers and redistributes the tasks to failover servers in case the primary one goes down.

Advanced system monitoring
Monitor system surveillance status in real-time.

Flexible user access rights settings
Create a hierarchy of user access rights for system user groups.

Archive replication
Replicate your footage archive to a data centre with just one script.